K Village, Kendal

Multi million Retail & luxury apartments project for Miller Construction. This project we were main contractors for all Roofing & Dormer works, every aspect of roofing was used in this project. From traditional to truss, with a lot of design & build (bespoke) items involved. To make the new building fit in to the original Kendal architecture, & also to mask items such as, air conditioning units, ducting to the retail stores & huge plant rooms on the roof. All of these works also have to comply with energy efficiency guid lines, from building control.

Most of the works, were built on steel frame construction. With wall plates bolted to the steel, with ether traditional timber roofing or designed timber trusses built up from this. There is also thousands of square metres of joisted flat roof construction, hidden from view when the building was finished with the use of mono trusses & parapets. All finials, timber mouldings & mock rafter ends, were all in house manufactured to design specs.

A combined effort with architects & crafts men, achieved the finished look to fit in with the Lake Districts architecture. And also meet the requirements of a large retail & apartment building.

All dormers & rotunda were finished off with high grade lead rolled sheeting, also All of the parapets were topped off in lead & flashed in to the brickwork. Traditional slate is used to cover all pitched roofs to this project, complementing the surrounding buildings.