Decking and Landscaping

all decking and landscaping projects are undertaking. A garden of any shape and size can be utilised to give a great visual impact, with the use of deckings, raised planters and landscaping.

we can incorporate many little extras such as built in lighting, water features, ponds and even planting!

we can work with any size area to fulfil the needs of any client. We can create a low maintenance garden with requires very little up keep or a more hands on area with lots more interest.

with the use of raised planters and single level decking the garden can be more accessible for the elderly and disabled clients whom may still want to enjoy their garden area. the needs of an client can be worked with to ensure the full potential of their garden can be obtained.

We can provide a full service which can include the painting or staining or the deckings and planters to suit any colour scheme.